WeLove is a decentralized and deflationary platform that rewards users especially for engaging and interacting with the platform. It provides one of the most secured passive yields.

With a MultiChain swap feature coming up, WeLove enables instant swaps backed by reward. You swap, you earn. Thereby empowering loyal WeLove holders.

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Token Info.

WeLove token has a sale tax, which generates additional income revenue for WeLove NFT holders on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

With a staking utility, WeLove holders can put their assets to work through staking, and earn constant passive yield. This is aimed to build up a massive community by making sure speakers get stable incomes.

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Liquidity Pool.

Also, WeLove provides a liquidity pool farm, which enables liquidity providers to earn additional yield as well as provide strong liquidity to the WeLove token.

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Stake your LOVE, earn daily yield

Provide liquidity and farm rLOVE reward.

A Crypto Exchange for Web3.0 without Limits

Purchase, Trade, and Exchange Cryptocurrency: Easy, Swift, and Without Custodial Fees.

5 mins average swap time. Track your swap progress on the swap page.

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WeLove features


Rug Free

All contributed liquidity is distributed to contributors after presale ends

Liquidity locked and vested for 365 days, and all contributors to the pool can begin withdrawing their share of the pool


x2 Guaranteed

Guaranteed x2 to contributors. BNB contributed + Token purchased.

No team allocation, 100% token belongs to the community



Weekly trading competition to LOVE highest traders by volume.

First 200 wallets to contribute at least 2BNB, will be whitelisted to Mint Heart of love genesis OG NFT, free.



Token gets

Burnt 🔥

Passive love yield for LOVE genesis OG NFT holders. Share BNB fee generated.


Total Supply = 10 Billion

WeLove token has a sale tax, which generates additional income revenue for WeLove NFT holders on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Presale: 50%

Liquidity: 35%

Staking: 15%

Marketing: 2.5%

No Team or Admin allocation


NFT Images

1000 Unique Welove collection holders share tax fees generated, and more hidden rewards. to be distributed to top Welove holders during presale.

Our Roadmap

Q1 2023

Concept Ideas

  • Website
  • Social Networks
  • Creation Contract BEP20
Q1 2023

Docs And Launch

  • KYC
  • Creation of Preasle at Makx
  • Stake, Pool, Farm, Buy Crypto via Credit
Q1 2023


  • Listing on CoinMarketCap
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • Cex Listing Coming Soon
Q2 2023


  • Public Mainnet Launch
  • Card, P2P Platform
Q2 2023


  • Multi-Chain
  • Bridge
  • NFT Collection
Q3 2023


  • Social Network
  • Poocoin, Telegram Ads
  • Google and Facebook Ads.
In Future


  • New updates coming soon stay tuned

Love has nothing do with what you're expecting to get -

only what you're expecting to give, which is everything.

~Kathrine Hapeburn~